Well Being
In mind, In Design

I define it as the constant balance of mind and body in our actions.
It sounds like a paradoxical situation; to put an extra effort into being good, there is
still a situation where we are out of balance, if there is an effort of pushing or pulling,
in relation with the condition. Therefore, constant awareness in both mental and body
action can be defined as well-being.
Creation process of a secluded retreat island for wellbeing begins with understanding
of current given situation on the island. Keeping beauty and the balance of the existing
the natural habitat was the starting point. Ideally, being in harmony with the nature
without forcing the design ideas creates collaboration with the natural surroundings.
Nature is a sensory experience. Principles of surrounding natural form coming out of
shorelines, sea waves, shells and green textures begin to form the flow of our main
volumes, roof and corners. Keeping the identity as an islander brings more relaxed and
spacious spaces under flowing lines as extension waves of the Indian ocean. Idea is to
feel relaxed and content under all structures.
Following the Biophilia as another design criteria; we mimicked nature as color, form
and patterns of movement. Spaces contain the essence of natural elements to create a
positive impact, such as improved concentration, broader consideration, and creative
Places matter and we are always in one. Since Wellbeing is a promise to elevate our
consciousness from existing to a balanced manner, creating spaces that enhances
human lives and experience was our goal.
Intelligence is a keyword to elevate design from good point to a greater level. Aim was
to create a Logos; language of forms that tie each to another and create the dialogue
in between built and existing. In flowing harmony, the new vocabulary of forms speaks
in accordance and create their melody.

  • Location

    Luxury Wellbeing Resort, Bodufushi Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives

  • Size

    28,000 m2